Inadequate Behaviour Support in UK Schools 

Cases and Reports A report by the Education Select Committee highlighted that mental health support for children struggling to attend school is “grossly inadequate”. The number of children absent from school has more than doubled since the pandemic3.  Ofsted published a report at the end of the school year looking at the well-being of teachers. … Read more

Some Significant Age Discrimination Cases Reported in 2023

Here are some of the most significant age discrimination cases reported in the UK in 2023: Eileen Jolly vs. Reading’s Royal Berkshire Hospital1: An 89-year-old NHS secretary, Eileen Jolly, became the oldest person in the UK to win an age discrimination claim. Her superiors at Reading’s Royal Berkshire Hospital fired her, claiming that she was … Read more

Govt. to ban mobile phones use by student’s in lessons & breaks

mobile phone ban

The government has recently announced (19th February 2024) a new policy that will prohibit the use of mobile phones by students during lessons and breaks. This decision aims to create a more focused learning environment and promote face-to-face interactions among students. By implementing this ban, the government hopes to enhance academic performance and reduce distractions … Read more

Retail worker sacked for Smoking

Employers have to be extra careful when dismissing employees. Even if employees have committed acts of gross misconduct, dismissing them may be unreasonable. An Employment Tribunal (ET) made this remark in a case where a store supervisor was sacked for smoking on company premises. The woman worked for a national retail chain which took a … Read more

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