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Books about Law and Procedure is a page that explores various resources related to legal systems and processes. It provides a comprehensive overview of the subject matter, covering topics such as legislation, court procedures, and legal frameworks. The page aims to present the information in a formal and professional manner, making it a valuable reference for individuals seeking knowledge in the field of law. There are, of course, some more informal material for a light read or those who just interested in another more curious side of law and legal practice


I Have to Move My Car,
by Lord David Pannick KC

I Have to Move My Car
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A thought provoking and often amusing account of the principles, practices, and morality of one of the most frequently maligned and misunderstood profession
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The Strange Laws
of Old England

Strange Laws of Old England

Did you know that: It’s against the law to check into a hotel in London under assumed names for the purpose of love-making? or The law of habeas corpus came about because of a London lady’s drunken parties?
From £2.78

Boozers Ballcocks & Bail

Boozers Ballcocks & Bail

Who is an ass?
– the law or the lawbreaker?


Dotty Judges, fighting jurors, clueless criminals and policemen obsessed with American TV shows all feature in this eye-opening
compilation of legal blunders
From £2.37

The Art
of the

How should the law respond to the moral dilemmas posed by abortion, contraception for teenagers, discrimination, embryo
experiments, pornography and surrogate motherhood? How should we as individuals react to such issues?
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Facebook in one hour for Lawyers


Social Media in Business Development



The Law of Limited
Liability Partnerships

LLP’s have become more and more widespread since the LLP Act of 2000. The book covers legal issues that arise in relation to limited liability
and also concerning employment law practice, such as employees and worker status, unlawful discrimination, disputes over discretionary remuneration awards
whistleblowing and the enforcement of restrictive covenants. You get what you paid for with this book and it comes highly recommended.
From £90


5th Edition

The law that surrounds disclosure are notoriously complex. Disclosure provides an authoritative and detailed analysis of this area.
It examines both the substantive law and procedure, discussing the “who, what, how and when” of disclosure obligations and explaining
the implications of non-compliance
From £81

Jackson & Powell on Professional

8th Edition

A definitive text on Professional Negligence. It provides comprehensive coverage of the law of professional liability. It is an essential
reference point for every practitioner as it aids them in establishing whether a duty of care exists and whether it has been breached, providing
a quick access with confidence as to whether a cause of action exists, while explaining the remedies available.
From £430

Kessler: Drafting Trusts &
Will Trusts

The aid for drafting Trusts and Will Trusts for the practitioner in the preparation of a variety of trust deeds. The book is designed
to simplify the drafting of trusts and is written in an easily understandable style much appreciated by customers. It covers both
settlements and will trusts, and precedents are provided on a CD to aid drafting

Drafting Trusts and Will Trusts

From £136

Chitty On Contracts

32nd Edition

Chitty on Contract

This authoritative book has been a pre-eminent reference work regarding contract law in the common law world fo generations. It supports
lawyers by providing insight and aid into this highly complex and litigious area of law

Powers of Attorney

11th Edition

A definitive work providing clear guidance on the creation, interpretation and use of powers of attorney. Written in a succinct and straightforward manner, it provides everthing needed
to operate effectively in this area of the law.
From £173.86

Employment Section

Butterworth’s Employment Law



Blackstone's Employment Law


This authoritative reference is the only text to provide everything you need for bringing, defending, and
appealing employment cases in one single, portable volume, providing an unbeatable combination of clear commentary and key
legislation. Drawing together comprehensive coverage of practice and procedure in the Employment Tribunals, Employment Appeal
Tribunal, and Central Arbitration Committee, Butterworth’s Employment Law Handbook is an essential reference in the Employment Practitioner’s library
From £85


Employment Law 2024



Legal Data & Information





Employee Competition: Covenants,
Confidentiality and Garden Leave

Employee competition: covenants confidentiality and garden leave. Lord Justice Underhill points out in the foreword one of the great
strengths of the book is that it adopts a clear and carefully thought out analytical structure together with the notable point being it’s
breadth of coverage. The first eight chapters deal with substantive law, including a new chapter on the liability of 3rd parties. The next
chapters deal with cross-border disputes, pre-action steps, including letters before actions remedies and damages. There are several appendices
including a guide to forensic accounting and the basics of a domestic and European competition. The book is regarded as an essential part
of an employment lawyers’ library
From £90

The Law of TUPE

This book deals with this difficult question of transfer of undertakings now into it’s 2nd edition exploring case law developments of the
last 3 years and legislative changes that come into force. One of the great strengths
of the work is the clarity with which the issues are laid out making it straightforward for the reader to find the answer to key questions.
From £34

Equal Pay:
Law and Practice

Equal pay disputes have been around for decades dealing with difficult issues in Test and Lead cases. The book includes many references to
case law and statutory requirements etc… an expensive and unpredictable equal pay case can drag on for years and years with differing results
at ascending levels of decision from
Tribunals Courts under the Equality Act 2010 and fully covered in this book. A prediction is been fully borne out by Daphne Romney, QC, the

From £103

Employment Law
and Pensions

There are a number of references throughout this book, 2 papers published by the Association of pension lawyers references are fairly
comprehensive. The book is well organised into 7 distinct parts dealing respectively, after a comprehensive overview of pensions provision
in the UK with the obligations of employers discrimination;
employment contracts; employers powers; consultation; TUPE; and the cessation of employment. The book is of value to any employment practitioner.
From £59.99

Discrimination and Employment Law


Discrimination Law

Residential Possession Proceedings

10th Edition

A definitive text explaining how a landlord or mortgagee can effect possession of a property or how an occupant can prevent an order
for possession being made. It deals with different types of tenancies and different housing situations, and looks at the issues
from both landlord and tenant viewpoints.
From £107

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Blackstone's Magistrates Court Handbook



Your Rights at Work


Breach of Confidence


Casebook on Labour Law


Arbitrating Sex Discrimination



Interpreting Discrimination Law Creatively






Employment Tribunal Remedies


























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