Govt. to ban mobile phones use by student’s in lessons & breaks

The government has recently announced (19th February 2024) a new policy that will prohibit the use of mobile phones by students during lessons and breaks. This decision aims to create a more focused learning environment and promote face-to-face interactions among students. By implementing this ban, the government hopes to enhance academic performance and reduce distractions in the classroom. We understand that technology is an integral part of our lives, but this measure aims to strike a balance between utilizing technology for educational purposes and minimizing its potential disruptions. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to this new policy for the benefit of all students.

Ah ha, is the end nigh for mobile phones in schools. Gavin Williamson tried in April 2021 and now an official announcement from the current incumbent, .Gillian Keegan. How will it work? How will it be implemented and enforced? At the moment there appear to be no details when it will come into force. we are told, banning the mobile phone is all in the interests of raising standards, take away the distraction and students can then focus on the task set. Taking away another argument that students use when they are caught using them in lesson or around school, “what if it’s an emergency?” “My mum, aunt, friend, sister’s friend, cousin, grandparent etc… is in hospital”, “My mum’s texting me to say she’s bringing my PE kit in”, “My mum’s texting me…”  are a small slection of comments used

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